April 2013

The Ryedale
Exhibition &
Leisure Village

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26th British Juggling Convention

Update: BJC 2014 is being held at Darton College in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. You can find out more information on their website.

Thank you all for coming, we hope you had a wonderful time! We still have some of our t-shirts and hoodies for sale; if you haven't got one or would like to buy another please e-mail us at info@bjc2013.co.uk.

Thank you again to everyone who made a donation, bought raffle tickets or forwent their feeā€”the amount of generosity and help we received was quite awe-inspiring.

There was an awful lot of lost property left behind at Pickering, please check you are not missing anything and if you are, please e-mail us at info@bjc2013.co.uk.

There are lots of people's wonderful photos and recollections on the Facebook group.

If you want a copy of the DVD, please go to the Juggling Live store.