April 2013

The Ryedale
Exhibition &
Leisure Village

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Food & drink

Where can I get food at the BJC?

On site there will be caterers offering hot sustenance to the tired and hungry.

Monte will be serving his 'Full Monte Breakfast' from 9am every day and there will be a selection of lunch time snacks/cakes. In the evenings he will be offering a choice of main meals plus puddings, and will continue serving until about 10pm. On the Saturday there will be no evening meal but there will be late night food.

LoveWaffles will be open all day long, providing treats from about 8:30 in the morning until late, depending on the demand.

Veggies will also be there, providing tasty food for the vegetarians and vegans among us.

The Lazy Juggler Bar will be running, offering refreshments until late.

Those intrepid jugglers who venture offsite in their search for food can find a café in the garden centre across the road, and further afield the Black Bull Inn serves food from noon until 9pm (the Black Bull is 10–15 mins walk from the site).

Pickering itself is a 15 minute walk from the site, with an assortment of cafés and places to eat. Sinders of York is a tea shop on the edge of Pickering, offering free WiFi.

But where can I go shopping?

BJC 2013 is pleased to announce the existence of our very own on-site shop! Glynn Roberts and his travelling festival shop will be providing useful things such as milk, bread, and chocolate, along with other groceries.

If you feel the need for ordinary supermarkets, there is a Co-op in Pickering which is within walking distance, and some more supermarkets (ASDA and Morrisons) a car ride away in the nearby town of Malton. If all that seems much too far, the ASDA in Malton will deliver to the Pickering area, so the less adventurous can have their shopping brought to them.