April 2013

The Ryedale
Exhibition &
Leisure Village

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Without the help of volunteers the BJC would not be able to take place. The BJC organisers are all volunteers who have given up hundreds of hours to create the BJC. The BJC needs everyone to give up an hour of two of their time, whether on badge control, running a workshop, stewarding, etc.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below. This will be a great help for us as it will allow us to plan ahead and make best use of your time and skills!

Please note that the volunteering coordinator is not handling workshops. If you would like to run a workshop, please email workshops@bjc2013.co.uk instead.

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Contact details:

How you would like to help out:

In addition, we require a team of volunteers to be involved with the setup of the site, including activities such as setting up fencing around the campsite and distributing signs around the local area. If you would be willing to help out for this, please select below and we’ll be in touch!

Setup will be taking place from 10:00 8th April onwards. Due to the venue’s Health and Safety regulations, please do not arrive on site before the official start time of 16:00 9th April unless we have confirmed this with you!

Many thanks in advance from all the team for choosing to volunteer and helping this year’s BJC to run smoothly!