April 2013

The Ryedale
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Fire @ BJC 2013

So you have a bit of pyromania in you. Not to worry, BJC 2013 is allowing fire at select times and days for you to come and show off your skills and light up the night sky. Anyone that wishes to partake is welcome to do so. The Fire Space will run on the Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7pm until 11pm. Just come on down with your props and fuel and we'll get you in and burning in no time. All we ask is that you demonstrate a decent competence with the prop you intend to use before you light it.

Fire Space

For those wishing to do so, the Fire Space is the only place to play with fire. No fires are allowed outside of the Fire Space at any time and only inside the space during the designated times - so make sure you come along and join in when it’s on!

Fire professionals will be on hand to supervise and ensure safety. Safety and environmental regulations are of paramount importance to us and as such we will have a designated space for anyone wishing to burn to come and prepare their kit and shake off any excess fuel in an environmentally safe manner. We will also be checking kit and tightening bolts when needed.

The space is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to exchange ideas, train and burn. Bring your toys and a small quantity of a safe fuel (store bought paraffin from hardware stores such as B&Q is recommended. There will be stores of fuel on site which you may pay a small charge to use). We look forward to seeing you all there, bringing your amazing array of fire props as well as your passion for this beautiful art form. We will have an on-site sound system to set the mood, hopefully with guest spots from DJs.

If fire isn’t your thing then why not bring your glow/light-up props instead. While we won’t have these inside the space itself, there will be plenty of room around it. Use the sound system and atmosphere of the burning flames to make this into a feast for all the senses.

Volunteer Opportunities

Fire Safeties

As you all know BJC can’t run without its volunteers and due to the size of this endeavour and the importance of safety we are looking for competent performers/volunteers that would like to put some of their time into volunteering as fire safeties/wardens. Training will be provided by a trained professional beforehand and due to regulations we require as many safeties as we can get.


If anyone is interested in DJing for an hour or so during the fire space sessions, you are welcome to do so.

If you would like to get involved and help us out then please contact us at volunteer@bjc2013.co.uk.

More information will follow shortly. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at fire@bjc2013.co.uk.

Skills/Props List

Currently the list of skills/props allowed are as follows:

  • Juggling Clubs, Balls, Rings, Pass Juggling
  • Poi, Partner Poi
  • Staffs (1, 2, 3 etc. contact, dragon, Buugeng)
  • Meteors
  • Whips
  • Levi Sticks
  • Devil Sticks
  • Diablos
  • Contact Balls
  • Hula Hoops
  • Fans
  • Swords

Skills not allowed currently include:

  • Fire Breathing
  • Fire Eating
  • Body Burning
  • Sparkle Poi (wire wool and charcoal)
  • Pyros (fireworks)
  • Fire throwing objects (axes, knives etc.)

Fire Show

BJC 2013 is pleased to announce that we will be having a fire show on Friday evening.

Along with some booked in acts, we will also be looking for a couple of good open stage acts during the Fire Space, so be prepared... If you are a professional, please bring a copy of your insurance documents, as only performers with fire insurance and PLI will be allowed to perform in the show.